Sunday, February 20, 2011

Clara Rose

I wanted to share some photos of our granddaughter, Clara, who is four-months old today.  She is a beauty, the perfect combination of her mom and dad. 
Clara is our third grandchild.  Her cousins Joseph and Noel love her very much. 
A new grandson will be arriving at the beginning of March, a brother for Joseph.

Clara Rose

Clara and Adelaide

Adelaide and Clara

Sneakers, Clara and Gandolf

Monday, February 7, 2011

We just got back from ten days in Sicily, my grandparents' ancestral home.  We have visited Sicily before, but we went to different locations this time.  Agrigento, Siracusa and Marsala. 

The Greek temples and ruins at Agrigento, were just outstanding.  There they sit, in the middle of a field, looking awesome and beautiful. 

Sicily was invaded and inhabited by many different people, and the Greeks certainly left their stamp on the country. 

This telamon, or support, was one of about 38 that originally was used to support the Temple of Zeus.   They estimate that The Temple of Zeus was one football field long.

At night, the ruins are softly lit.  We culd see them through our hotel room window.  I wasn't able to walk to the ruins, but enjoyed the view from a far.  Jim spent hours walking around the ruins.



Here is a photo of me in the courtyard of our hotel in Siracusa,
 next to a pomegranate tree.

It was awesome to experience some spring weather in January. 

One more photo, Jim in front of one of the many churches we visited. 

All the  people we met were so kind and helpful.  They couldn't do enough for you.  The food, well, it was awesome, especially the cannoli.  After all, Sicily is the home of cannoli.