Friday, March 4, 2011

Nancy Ann Dolls

Jenny Wren is hosting Dolly Day today, and every first Friday of the month.  You can click on the Dolly Day button on  the right hand side of my blog, to go to Jenny's blog.  Before you do, though, please have a peek at some of my Nancy Ann Dolls.

The two on either end have the original clothing.  The middle two have new outfits on. 

I grew up in the fifties, and I had dollies like this on my dresser. 

p.s. we are still waiting to hear that my daughter-in-law's C-section is over and baby boy is here. 


  1. Another dear little grandson on the way, exciting!
    I have heard of Nancy Ann dolls but never seen them. They are sweet little things. I think I have a vintage pattern to make their clothes. I especially love the first ones dress and the second ones hair, lovely.

    ( oh and if you want to you should be able to reduce the size of the button if you tick the shrink to fit option when you are adding the picture to your sidebar)

  2. Thanks Jenny for the nice comment.
    I love dolls, so I am loving Dolly Friday!

    I will try and reduce the size of the button. Thanks for letting me know how. I knew it was giant, but had no clue how to fix it. LOL

    p.s. Baby is here!! Patrick Allen, 8 lbs. 2 ozs.

  3. Love your dollies and all so beautifully dressed. Congratulations on the arrival of a sweet grandson. Eli

  4. Hi Eli, Thank you for stopping by!
    I love the elegant dresses on these small dolls, too. I used to think of them all as bridesmaids when I was a little girl.
    We are on the moon over little Patrick. Thank you.

  5. I like the second doll best! Did you make the new outfits? Did you play with your dolls like this?
    I can hardly wait for dolly day next Friday.

    PS. How exciting! A new grandbaby to love. I have 2 grand babies on the way and can hardly wait to meet each one.

  6. Hi Folky Dots,
    Yes, I did play with the dolls when I was growing up. Their hair got pretty untidy and their dresses faded quickly, but I still loved them. I enjoy making them new outfits and hats. They are not so collectable once they are played with or have new outfits, but I do not have mine for that reason. I just love them and love to freshen them up with new clothes or hats.
    I am loving Dolly Day, too!